Blogging Buddies: Week 2

Welcome to the second week of Bloggig Buddies! Every week until May 20, several Historical Lovecraft contributors will be blogging about the anthology. Your mission? To answer a few questions (answers found in blog posts scattered through the Internetz). Your reward? This week, it’s an Innsmouth Free Press mug.

Rules: The authors’ blog posts will go up, starting tomorrow (one by one), until Friday. Keep your eyes peeled for them. Answer the questions by Sunday midnight PST. You must e-mail your answers to: publisher(at)innsmouthfreepress(dot)com. We’ll post the list with the names of the winners of Blogging Buddies in June.


  • The Historical Lovecraft anthology received too many stories set in what time period?
  • The short story “The Good Bishop Pays the Price” begins when the Emperor orders the compilation of a Codex. What is the Codex?
  • Molly Tanzer identifies several techniques and common motifs used in 18th century literature, which she utilizes in her novellette. What are two of the techniques she uses?
  • Leigh Kimmel employs a real historical figure, Yezhov, in her story. Why did she decide to focus on Yezhov?

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IFPBlogging Buddies: Week 2