Sword & Mythos
Publication Year: 2014
ISBN: 9781927990001
The blades of heroes clash against the darkest sorcery. Aztec warriors ready for battle, intent on conquering a neighboring tribe, but different gods protect the Matlazinca. For Arthur Pendragon, the dream of Camelot has ended. What remains is a nightmarish battle against his own son, who is not quite human. Master Yue, the great swordsman, sets off to discover what happened to a hamlet that was mysteriously abandoned. He finds evil. Sunsorrow, the ancient dreaming sword, pried from the heart of the glass god, yearns for Carcosa. Fifteen writers, drawing inspiration from the pulp sub-genres of sword and sorcery and the Cthulhu Mythos, seed stories of adventure, of darkness, of magic and monstrosities. From Africa to realms of neverwhere, here is heroic fantasy with a twist.
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About the Book

What are people saying about Sword and Mythos?

  • “An enjoyable read with some excellent moments” (Publishers Weekly).
  • “A solid collection” (Apex Magazine).
  • “Dynamite” (Black Gate Magazine).
  • “Gem after gem… I cannot recommend it enough” (Benito Corral Reviews).
  • “Best sci-fi anthology released in Spring 2014… amazing” (Examiner.com).
  • “Go buy it” (Pseudopod).
  • “Stories that are thoughtful, energetic, creative fusions… a joy to read… recommended (Martian Migraine Press).
  • “Elettrizzante [Electrifying]” (Il Panopticon).
  • It’s fantastic, a wide range of stories that will capture your imagination” (Sepiidae).


  • “The Iron Hut” by Maurice Broaddus
  • “Jon Carver of Barzoon, You Misunderstood” by Graham J. Darling
  • “Sunsorrow” by Paul Jessup
  • “The Wood of Ephraim” by Edward M. Erdelac
  • “Truth is Order and Order is Truth” by Nadia Bulkin
  • “Spirit Forms of the Sea” by Bogi Takács
  • “The Bones of Heroes” by Orrin Grey
  • “Light” by Diana Paxson
  • “The Serpents of Albion” by Adrian Chamberlin
  • “The Call of the Dreaming Moon” by Thana Niveau
  • “Black Caesar: The Stone Ship Rises” by Balogun Ojetade
  • “And After the Fire, a Still Small Voice” by E. Catherine Tobler
  • “No Sleep for the Just” by William Meikle
  • “The Sorrow of Qingfeng” by Grey Yuen
  • “In Xochitl in Cuicatl in Shub-Niggurath” by Nelly Geraldine Garcia-Rosas
  • And four essays by G.W. Thomas, Silvia Moreno-Garcia and Paula R. Stiles.
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