And Then, And Then, And Then…

by Nick Mamatas

I woke up. I ate a banana and a bagel. I turned on the TV and watched the news from Boston. It was going to be cloudy. Someone had a book out about carbohydrates. There was a lot of traffic. I felt good to be home, away from all the commuters and the highways. I almost never leave town. I ate another banana and then a peanut butter sandwich because I was still hungry. I stopped being …

IFPAnd Then, And Then, And Then…

By the Sea, By the Sea

Caroline Totten

My mother and father loved the sea, but its dark water terrified me. At night, I would huddle on the Innsmouth beach next to my mother while she held the lantern as a signal for my father. He would wade out into the cove, carrying the lobster cage, and then the strobe light attached to his head would sink into the water. He said lobsters came out at night to feed and that was the time to harvest. …

IFPBy the Sea, By the Sea

The Cthulhu Whisperer

by Robert Borski

Because it’s important he not stutter, the young man in the rowboat does not swallow his medication until he is far from shore. As a result, though the waves of the Atlantic are soon crashing about him, inside his mind he is calm and almost at home as much as he is in any of his favorite places: the comic book store, the cafeteria at Miskatonic U., engaging in flame wars on-line. And after one last check …

IFPThe Cthulhu Whisperer

Azathoth Is Here

By Pamela K. Kinney

Most days working in a supermarket, the only excitement comes from jars falling off shelves and breaking or when a customer misuses ‘the customer is always right’ and makes your life hell. But Saturday night, I learned a new definition to the word ‘hell’.

My name is Alan Holly and I run one of the registers up-front, and I was trying to get Mrs. Piper checked out. A tiny, elderly lady with blue-tinted, thin hair, she …

IFPAzathoth Is Here

A Bedtime Story

by Kírk Barrett

She fingers the voodoo doll and looks past me out the window. Ocean waves rise and fall in the listless light of evening. Autumn breezes taste of salt and anticipation. I don’t often have guests, but it’s not unheard-of for devoted fans to find my beach-front alcove far from any other house along the shore. They come to meet the reclusive author who writes weird and disturbing stories of other worlds so closely resembling our own.

“They’re …

IFPA Bedtime Story

Swimming Lessons off the North Shore

By Paula R. Stiles

The little boy had opalescent eyes and imbricated skin. He was human. He walked on two feet with ten toes, had two hands with ten fingers. Yet those feet and hands were webbed. And he almost smelled like seaweed. Like his mother.

His father worried about him. He didn’t like to take his son down to the beach. The few times they went, to go clamming or just to walk and pick up seashells, the boy …

IFPSwimming Lessons off the North Shore

Filipa Darlo: The Movie Star Innsmouth Forgot

by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Innsmouth, MA – It’s taken an upcoming biopic and the shenanigans of a pop star to bring attention to a little-known star from the silent era: Filipa Darlo. Now nothing more than a footnote in the history of Hollywood, Filipa was once the darling of movie directors. Her striking looks and fiery temperament made her perfect for the meaty roles of temptresses and femme fatales that were being popularized during the Jazz Age.

For a brief time, …

IFPFilipa Darlo: The Movie Star Innsmouth Forgot

Monster Byte: Casting Call – Crew and Extras for Tentacles from the Sea 3D

by Paula R. Stiles

Innsmouth, MA – Seeking crew members for the film production, Tentacles from the Sea 3D. Experienced crew are preferred, though we are also willing to provide on-the-job training. We are especially seeking anyone with experience in lighting and/or 3D production.

We are also seeking extras of both sexes from a wide range of ages for filming in crowd shots and street scenes. No experience is necessary, but we are looking for a variety of types. We …

IFPMonster Byte: Casting Call – Crew and Extras for Tentacles from the Sea 3D

Singer Sierra Viciously Attacks Photographer

Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Los Angeles, CA – Pop singer Sierra lashed out at a paparazzi photographer who tried to take her picture when she was exiting a nightclub late last night. The ‘Delicious Tempo’ singer kicked, punched and bit the photgrapher during the scuffle.

Horrified onlookers called the police. “She wouldn’t stop. They couldn’t pull her away from the guy. She was so incredibly strong. We couldn’t believe it.”

A spokesperson for Sierra said she was under “extreme stress” due to …

IFPSinger Sierra Viciously Attacks Photographer


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McCarthy Death Ruled An Accident

by Amanda J. Spedding

Innsmouth, MA – Mystery continues to surround the death of Dale Liam McCarthy. A finding of ‘accidental death’ was issued by Dr. John Bellicose, ME, today. Initial reports indicated that McCarthy took his own life in the early hours of April 1, 2009, although this was neither confirmed nor denied by Innsmouth General Hospital spokesman, Adrian Lumley at the time.

No further details regarding the “accidental death” were issued, and calls to the Medical Examiner have …

IFPMcCarthy Death Ruled An Accident

Slush Tips

It’s been only recently that we opened to submissions and we have received lots of short fiction and Monster Bytes. We thank you for your interest. However, we’ve got some easy tips that might help you leap out of the slush box.

Short Fiction

  1. Flash fiction: We buy flash fiction under 1000 words but barely receive any. Your odds are much higher of making it out of the slush if you send flash.
  2. Unusual setting: More than 80 per cent
IFPSlush Tips