Monster Byte: Discovery of Bones Halts Construction Project

By J. Keith Haney

Innsmouth, MA – One of the most controversial construction projects in Innsmouth history had yet another setback yesterday. A large quantity of bones was dug out from the soil surrounding the former Marsh Sanitarium, forcing construction to halt until further notice. The Innsmouth Police Department has no official comment concerning the bones at this time, but has stated that it will investigate.

This is only the latest setback for Telemite Construction, the firm in charge of …

JHaneyMonster Byte: Discovery of Bones Halts Construction Project

Column: Retronomicon: Tell Me, Dark

By J. Keith Haney

Wagner, Karl Edward; Rieber, John Ney; Williams, Kent. Tell Me, Dark. DC Comics (September 1, 1998).USD $11.99. ISBN 13-978-1563890888.

Anyone who has been in love past the initial crush stage can tell that, the more you know somebody, the harder it gets to stay in love with them. All the good stuff you saw in them may or may not be true. What IS true is that there are a lot of bad things you …

JHaneyColumn: Retronomicon: Tell Me, Dark

Review: Osama

By J. Keith Haney

Tidhar, Lavie. Osama. PS Publishing Ltd., 2011. £19.99. ISBN 978-1-84863-192-2.

Osama bin Laden has been a fact of life over this last decade. To most people, he was a video rumor aided and abetted by the occasional broadcast, as well as a terrorist or freedom fighter (depending on which side of the bombs you were on). He and former President George W. Bush created a world most people who remember the last couple of decades …

JHaneyReview: Osama

Column: Retronomicon: Batman: Gothic

By J. Keith Haney

Morrison, Grant; Jansen, Klaus.Batman: Gothic. DC Comics (September 5, 2007). USD $9.62. ISBN 13-978-1401215491.

I’m going to start this column by going out on a limb and saying that, of all the 20th century comic book superheroes, Batman has ultimately proven to be the most flexible. Several years ago, in a weekly newsletter called “Comic Shop News”, one of their writers made mention of this by saying that you can drop …

JHaneyColumn: Retronomicon: Batman: Gothic

Supernatural Fridays: Monster Byte: Dog Pack Disrupts “Heir of Dracula” Production

J. Keith Haney

J. Keith Haney co-reviewed The Event last year for us. This year, he takes on dark fantasy series Grimm, with his writing partner, Acacia Rhiannon Nokomis. Join him in October on IFP when Grimm comes to NBC. This week, he has some news about one of Innsmouth’s locally-filmed television shows, troubled vampire series, Heir of Dracula.

Innsmouth, MA – Local production for Heir of Dracula was disrupted last night by an unexpected disturbance. A pack of wild …

JHaneySupernatural Fridays: Monster Byte: Dog Pack Disrupts “Heir of Dracula” Production

Retronomicon: The Black Lamb

By J. Keith Haney

Truman, Tim. The Black Lamb. DC/Helix Comics (November 1996—April 1997).

In any creative medium you care to name, the 1990s and early 2000s were the boom times for the vampire genre. No longer content to stay in the Transylvanian crypts of yesteryear (though you could catch the latest version of this with Francis Ford Coppola’s Bram Stoker’s Dracula and the latest installments of Nintendo’s Castlevania series), vampires spread out amongst the masses in new and …

JHaneyRetronomicon: The Black Lamb

Column: Retronomicon: Skin Graft: The Adventures of A Tattooed Man

By J. Keith Haney

Prosser, Jerry;  Pleece, Warren. Skin Graft: The Adventures of A Tattooed Man. DC/Vertigo Comics (July-October  1993).

Back in the 1990s, when I first got into comic books, DC Comics’ Vertigo imprint was where I went when I wanted something other than superheroes. It was a cornucopia of weirdness, showcasing Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series; the most famous streetwise mystic in comics, John Constantine, in Hellblazer; and Matt Wagner’s period-specific mysteries of the late 1930s …

JHaneyColumn: Retronomicon: Skin Graft: The Adventures of A Tattooed Man

Column: Retronomicon: Creepy: The Limited Series

By J. Keith Haney

David, Peter; et al. Creepy: The Limited Series. Harris Comics/Dark Horse Comics, 1992.

When asked for a job description, Peter David calls himself a “Writer of Stuff”. That is a more-than-mild understatement. If you’re a regular reader of Star Trek novels (including David’s special novel series, “New Frontier”), comics (Star Trek comics, yes, but also longstanding runs on Marvel Comics’ Incredible Hulk, DC Comics’ Aquaman and Supergirl, and creator-owned series Sachss and

JHaneyColumn: Retronomicon: Creepy: The Limited Series

Column: Retronomicon: Nocturnals: Black Planet

By J. Keith Haney

Brereton, Dan. Nocturnals: Black Planet. Oni Press (January 5, 1999). USD $49.00. ISBN-13: 978-0966712704.

It is one of the unspoken rules of fantastic fiction that all such fiction must be categorized. This one here is fantasy, that one science fiction, and that guy over there MUST BE horror. You get the picture. Very few works, people, or genres have ever tried combining the genres in such a way that the results are downright impossible to …

JHaneyColumn: Retronomicon: Nocturnals: Black Planet

Review: Mensch With No Name

By J. Keith Haney

Edelac, Edward. Mensch With No Name. Damnation Books, LLC (September 1, 2010). USD $14.06. ISBN-13: 978-1615721900.

This second volume of the Merkabah Rider saga has a title that works as a pun on the recurring Clint Eastwood character in the Sergio Leone Spaghetti Westerns, just as the subtitle of the first volume was a play on the name of the first western that Eastwood ever directed. Indeed, now that I have read this collection, I …

JHaneyReview: Mensch With No Name

Review: Merkabah Rider: Tales of A High Planes Drifter

By J. Keith Haney

Erdelac, Edward M. Merkabah Rider: Tales of A High Planes Drifter. Damnation Books LLC (December 1, 2009). 294 pp. USD $16.24. ISBN-13: 978-1615720606.

The Western is a genre that refuses to die. Every time critics declare it dead, some new movie comes along to let everyone know it still has a few more years of life in it. How else does one explain the success of the film remake of True Grit during this new …

JHaneyReview: Merkabah Rider: Tales of A High Planes Drifter

Shivers and Sighs Week: Review: American Gothic

By J. Keith Haney

Bloch, Robert. American Gothic. Fawcett Crest (March 1975); Tor Books, First Thus edition, 1987. 224 pp. USD $11.84. ISBN-13: 978-0812515725.

In 1960, Robert Bloch’s fame as a writer was immortalized by Alfred Hitchcock’s adaptation of his novel, Psycho. But the recognition came with a price. Much as Robert E. Howard is forever associated with nothing but Conan, Bloch became synonymous with his creation, Norman Bates, to the point of obscuring his other great credits. …

JHaneyShivers and Sighs Week: Review: American Gothic