TV Spoilers & Speculation Corner: 6/14/10

This week, we continue with spoilers from V, The Vampire Diaries, and Supernatural:

V (Tuesday nights, 10pm, ABC)
By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

V is now available from iTunes. The series is also available for download or streaming at Amazon and Netflix.

The first season of V is scheduled for release on August 24, according to The studio’s official announcement for the show hasn’t been posted yet.

During a promotional event in London to announce the addition of the show to iTunes, Elizabeth Mitchell (Erica Evans on the show) said she would like her character to have a romance with both Father Jack and Hobbes.

At the same launch, Morena Baccarin said the series is mostly filmed in front of a green screen and that she often watches the show to see how her final scenes look. Baccarin, Mitchell and Scott Wolf (Chad Decker) confirmed the series recommences shooting sometime this summer. Rumours are writers are already back at work on new scripts.

Baccarin also attended the Festival de Monte-Carlo. In an interview with AlloCiné, she talked about her character and said the show explores post-9/11 fears.

V is heading to Comic-Con in San Diego, which runs from July 22 to July 25.

The Vampire Diaries (Thursday nights, 8pm, CW)
By Carla Lee

* Ian Somerhalder talks to The Mirror about how long The Vampire Diaries should last. (Among other things, like whether he and Paul Wesley get along on set. Apparently, they act like brothers.)
— Source:

* He says he learned from JJ Abrams and others at Lost about quitting while you’re ahead, giving the story a finite ending when there is still respect for the show, and he hopes that they can go out that way too.

How long do you think the show should last? At what point would you be satisfied with an ending and still respect the show? What do you want to see before the end?

Of course I want to see the werewolves, but I’d also like to see Bonnie not only have these awesome powers, but also get to have a positive romantic relationship. A lot of times, characters of colour, particularly women, don’t get to have romantic relationships; they are strictly relegated to sidekick roles.

* The Vampire Diaries will be at San Diego Comic Con.
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Are any of you going? I’d love it if you reported back with spoilers, speculation, and your thoughts. Alas, I cannot attend this year. Woe.

* Uncle Jon is still alive and will be a series regular in season two.
— Source:

I seriously hope this is wrong, because I hate Uncle Jon and think his death is one of the highlights of the season finale.

Do you want Uncle Jon to stick around? Why or why not?

* Season two to include doppelgangers, werewolves, and love squares.
— Source:

Most of this we already knew. I’m assuming the “doppelgangers” means Katherine and Elena, but if there will be others, who would you want to see? Maybe Bonnie, in a magic spell gone awry?

Supernatural (Friday nights, 9pm, CW)
By Paula R. Stiles

The biggest news this week is the Supernatural Rising Con in Barcelona, attended by both Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Jim Beaver, Samantha Ferris, and the two Spanish actors who dub Sam and Dean, but there are so many spoilers from this one, let’s start with some earlier ones.

First, the Supernatural showrunners will be attending Comic-Con again this year, July 22-25 (isn’t that earlier than last year?). Hopefully, we’ll get some footage of the first episode of the season again and many, many spoilers. Hopefully, we’ll like the spoilers.

Second, it’s been confirmed (sort of third-hand but for real) that Mark Sheppard will return for season six as Crowley. That’s the third recurring supporting character, after Bobby (Jim Beaver) and Castiel (Misha Collins), to be confirmed to return. Ackles also said at Rising Con that Lisa would return in at least two or three episodes. It would be nice to see Meg again, though I suppose they’ll have to recast her (Too bad. Rachel Miner had grown on me). And we may well see Mary again.

Third, someone on the Television without Pity site Supernatural forum has been digging up the Friday night ratings for Supernatural and Smallville. Apparently, Supernatural is getting slightly higher ratings in reruns than its lead-in, Smallville. Equally interesting, the Moonlight ratings in the show’s old Thursday night slot aren’t much higher (yes, technically, Moonlight is already in reruns, being canceled, but since these episodes are “new” to the CW, the ratings should be higher than that). Nor are the ratings for The Vampire Diaries. So, hopefully, that bodes well for the show’s move when new episodes come out in the fall.

Fourth, there will be a Supernatural anime series coming out in Japan. Padalecki and Ackles are slated to voice the English dubs for at least the first few episodes. Not sure how I feel about this. I used to be heavily into manga back in the 90s, but have since gone off both that and anime, bigtime. On the other hand, having Padalecki and Ackles on board to do the English dubs at least gives it some interest value. And of course I’ll review it for IFP.

The biggest thing coming out of Rising Con is that Jensen Ackles will be directing an episode. Rumours were flying earlier this week that he would direct 6.04, but there was skepticism until he confirmed it (mostly) himself at the con. That is to say, he will be directing, but it’ll be 6.03. Speculation was also running about whether there would be less of him on screen either before, during or after the episode because of his presence required behind the camera. Well…apparently not, as this will be the first episode filmed for the season to accommodate preproduction and therefore make it less necessary for him to take time out from filming the previous episode. In fact, he’s said he’s supposed to get the script emailed to him today. This should answer the question of how much of the season have completed so far. As of today, it should be three scripts.

Fortunately for fans, Ackles has a reputation for spilling spoilers as if he’s mainlining sodium pentothal (unlike Kripke, Padalecki, Collins, Beaver, and even Sera Gamble, who foiler like crazy). This could be fun.

Also, filming will apparently begin in two weeks, which is a week earlier than last year, as I recall. Not sure if, again, this is to allow for Ackles both to direct and to be in episodes or if it’s because the show will be starting earlier in September again. Ackles asked fans online to be “gentle” and say nice things since his “bosses” read what we say (I wish!). We here at Innsmouth Free Press promise not to bite – hard. Seriously, though, I’ve been very curious to see what he could do in the director’s chair at least since his comments about the technical stuff in My Bloody Valentine 3D. So, I’m looking forward to it. It would be really nice if he could do a kind of director’s diary along the lines of the diary Ciaran Hinds did for his second stint as Shakespeare’s Richard III on stage, maybe on Twitter, but I suppose he won’t have the time.

Ackles caused a bit of a stir at a panel when he said a season seven was a possibility. Since both he and Padalecki are only contracted at the moment up through season six, this could be a subtle confirmation of a rumour going around last week that both of them had renewed their contracts for another season. Ackles sensibly noted that, with Smallville ending this year, the CW can’t really afford to cancel Supernatural, too. After all, it would leave a Friday-night-sized hole in the CW’s newly-filled schedule. As I’ve said elsewhere, I’d be unsurprised if we saw Supernatural going into a seventh season paired up with a new related show to Smallville, like a Justice Society spin-off.

This isn’t really a spoiler, but Ackles said that the coda to “Swan Song” with Sam under the streetlight was his idea (funny how that was one of the few things about the episode I actually liked), though his original idea was to leave it uncertain who it was by keeping Sam’s face in shadow.

Padalecki said that he was going to do another, unnamed, film in 2011. Possibly, this could be the anticipated Friday the 13th sequel, though recent news is that it’s dead in the water, at least for 2010. So, it could be some other project.

My speculation? Well, Ackles clearly isn’t going anywhere and the confirmed returns of all of the surviving recurring characters (except for Rufus) from season five indicates a possible broadening out of the storylines in season six from the previous tight focus on Sam and Dean. Padalecki will be on board for season six, being contracted for it, and having a film project doesn’t necessarily mean he won’t be on the show. But it could be the showrunners are covering their assets in case he leaves after that and the show gets renewed.

A major concern for me is that the way season five ended, there was a great deal of story (almost too much) left for Dean, but Sam’s character has really reached a natural end point. There are still things for the writers to explore – if they finally go back to looking at Sam’s human issues instead of whacking away at that tired old demon blood storyline – but they don’t have a good track record there. So, we’ll just have to see.

I didn’t see any spoilers coming from Misha Collins’, Jim Beaver’s, or Samantha Ferris’ panels, though that could be because none of the actors have seen any scripts yet.

Stay tuned next week for more exciting spoilers to tide you over in the hot summer months (assuming Burn Notice isn’t doing the trick). And please consider making a small donation to our June fund drive if you like our site!

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